Your Safety,

Our Priority

Experience safety and reliance with TanTek, the tracking device for personal safety.

Ensure the protection of your friends, family, and loved ones with real-time locators and history log.


Track the latest whereabouts of your friends and family with the comprehensive location aware GPS system.

Emergency Alerts

Send and receive emergency alerts with all approved connections within the app or wearable necklace.

Automatic Response

Automatic trigger for instant responses, simplified for any age or disability.

Wearable Necklace

Allow loved ones to track your whereabouts through the app with the wearable necklace available in four colors: gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and black for $99.99.

Easily Keep Track

Of Friends & Family

TanTek’s unique features provide a way to keep yourself safe and also notify your friends and loved ones in the precise moment that an emergency occurs for various scenarios.

This includes safety for children, teenagers, college students, parents, grandparents with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and even pets.

Imagine Your Day,

Simplified For Safety

Discrete, wearable jewelry that functions as a tracking device that the user can have on them at all times.

The device sends emergency alerts at the time the danger occurs so the user’s loved ones are notified immediately in times of danger where every minute counts.

Become an Early Adopter

At no cost for you today, sign up to get on the waitlist and become one of the first users to have the TanTek product at half the price at $49.99. Be ahead of the curve.

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